Thursday, December 2, 2021

Rolling Joy One Year Anniversary





Year in review: Parked the entire year in Chiefland, Florida. A small rural town where the only delivery services are Walmart and one pizza shop. And no one wears masks because, according to the locals, “the government is trying to control us and make us afraid with all that made up stuff about Covid.”

So I spent the year staying far from people except for Eliana, a great college queer who assisted me once a week. 

Sunrise at Campground #1

Both my campgrounds had great views. The first one was on 40 flat acres so the sunrises and sunsets were amazing. There was always a breeze even though there was no shade. Lots of birds flying overhead, especially raptors.

The second campground, a small Skoolie compound, is surrounded by multiple varieties of thin oak trees. 

Canopy of oak trees surround bus and sheds. 

Here the wildlife is up-close. A tree next to the bus has a knot about 10 feeet high that houses squirrel families. The squirrels here are skinny compared to city ones. Mostly because they run (never walk) all the time and jump long distances between trees. Quite a show!

Squirrel climbing into home aka knot hole in the oak tree

One of the folks here keeps a bird list. I hear lots of them but mostly only see the giant (to me) red cardinals. Don’t know why I thought cardinals were the size of finches but I was wrong. How does a bright red bird blend in so easily to the tress?

Red cardinal hidden among a branch lying on a metal roofed shed

This part of Florida is full of egrets, herons and cranes. The small ranches of 20 cattle have egrets standing beside the cattle making a striking dark/light contrast of interdependent species. Seeing a flock of cranes flying overhead in formation took my breath away the first time I saw it.

My days on the bus are easily filled with Zoom meetings, FaceTime chats and projects including returning to writing my first novel. This might not sound like much but as I approach my 2 year anniversary of having Covid, the long term effects remain. I have significant fatigue often accompanied by brain fog. 

The upside is that my previously overworked brain is now calmer and more easily entertained. 


I am selling the bus. After living in it I realized it’s too big for me and I don’t like driving it. All my planning created a bus that is great for a wheelchair but not for MY body in a wheelchair. So it’s time for a change.  

BUS SALE information:

White high top E-350 van. 

Van interior facing rear

Van interior facing front

I bought a Ford Econoline E-350 van with a raised roof. It’s got low mileage especially for 2011, runs great and will be easy to convert for living.

My current plan is to do the basics (bed, toilet, power, etc.) so I can go to Quartzite, Arizona as soon as possible. Quartzite is where the nomads (people living full time on the road) go for the winter. 

Once in Quartzite I will hook up with the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous / Homes on Wheels Alliance folks and add solar and plumbing to the van.

I’m really looking forward to being mobile and to have a more nimble vehicle for traveling and camping.

THANK YOU for all the support that makes these journeys possible.


  1. Thank you for this update--and wishing you the quickest, easiest, most rolling joyous settling in to Quartzite. Love to you.

  2. Now I have the amazing song Ford Econoline in my head. Can’t wait to hear more about the book. I hope beautiful community emerges in Quartzite.

  3. Hey Corbette! I've been seeing some of your posts on HWA facebook pages. I get it about how what we do doesn't seem like much but with a disability, time goes much quicker. I'm sorry to hear you had Covid. Love your first bluebird bus and the other van looks good too. I liked reading about the wildlife around you. Good luck on that book!

  4. Wow. You are the queen of change!!! I admired you when you downsized from a house to your van. Now, downsizing and moving on again. Sending love from Emeryville.


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