Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Crossing the US

 On November 9th I finally got on the road. David drove me from West Coast to East Coast in six days.

Dry scrub landscape NV 

Snow on the ground near Flagstaff  AZ

One of my favorite photos is in Texas. A huge building with a large sign “Shelton Fireworks”. 

Over the wide entrance doors is a huge banner “No Smoking”. The need for the big banner made me ponder if the customers understand what they are buying and how they work.

I was surprised at my internal joy when I first saw the Gulf of Mexico in Mobile, Alabama.

Green long grasses form the Gulf shoreline. Alabama

A lone sailboat anchored in the Gulf. Alabama

The water levels in the Georgia landscape made a dance with the low lying around. One minute I’d see water on the surface in a field and 100 yards later it would only be ground. Up and down the dance went all the way across the state.

Wooded area   Georgia 

Our destination is in North Central Florida. The land is flat, having been cleared for crops previously, and the 20+ acres are surrounded by tall mature trees. The sunrises are amazing.
Stunning orange yellow sky sunrise behind tall straight mature trees

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